Saturday, 19 November 2016

Toddler Gift Guide

Hello, Everyone :)
Today I am sharing my toddler gift guide based on extensive research and thorough testing on no other than my own 2 year old toddler :D
I would like to think that, what I have found, will be useful to both parents and non parents. And maybe specifically the people, who don't have kids themselves but still need to get a Christmas/Birthday present for a 2-4 year old. Because it will soon be the merriest time of the year called Christmas, I have been very busy trying to find gifts for Oscar that he will enjoy for longer than just the Christmas Day.

Due to my lack of self control when it comes to buying things for Oscar I have pretty much gotten all of the things already. Some of the things I have given to him to play already(these will be doubled up at a later date for friends kids presents) and some are waiting to be packed up for the big day (which means I only have my own mind and reviews to count on that the present will be great). But I'll get right to it, because if you are one of the actual parents reading this post, you probably have about 17 seconds until you are called on duty again :D

I will start with the things I have already handed over to my demanding toddler.
1. My favourite thing to get Oscar are books. He loves looking at the pictures and he loves listening to stories, so naturally I am always on the lookout for awesome books he can engage in and enjoy...many many many times.
And when I came across these 3 books I just knew I had to get them, and they have been amazing. Oscar loves them, I love them. Oi Dog! Oi Frog! Quick Quack Quentin. They are really well written and the pictures are also just awesome.
At just £3.49 each at the moment in amazon, I got the paperback version and they are really good quality still and I know will last a long time.

For Christmas I will also get him these 3 because I just can't help myself. (''how many legs'' ''The bear and the piano'' ''You can't take an elephant on the bus'')I just know he will love these as much as the ones we already have.
And I really do think books are an awesome gift your child will enjoy and it's actually something to do together. Great bonding gift.
2.Think Fun Roll Roll and Play Pre School Game. A great interactive dice game with simple enough activity cards for your toddler to follow. It encourages creativity and is just a great all around learning fun game to play with your toddler. The big plush dice is good quality and action cards are really well illustrated. Oscar has absolutely loves playing the game since I got it. And he is understanding more and more about the instructions on the cards every day. But sometimes he just goes with whatever he thinks the card says, and that is fun too :D
It is £16 at the moment in Amazon so get it while they still have it, because it seems to be a popular one, for all the obvious reasons.

3.Lego Duplo. If you are a parent you know what I mean. It's lego, but with bigger block for tiny hands. Great for motor skills, interactive play and with so many sets available you are sure to find something for your little boy or girl. He already has a few sets from previous occasions, so I also got him the ''Lego Duplo Town My first truck'' set which has  sets of blocks he can match up.

Now for a few things that are waiting for Christmas Day to be played with
1. Learning Resources ''The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game''
It has great reviews and with 4 player it can be a great game for your toddler to enjoy with the family. Something to do after dinner around the table to extend that quality time rather than watching the 7000th episode of ''In the Night Garden'' (which Oscar hasn't really been interested in lately thank goodness :D)
2. Puzzles
Oscar is only just getting into the puzzles so I am hoping with a great one he will have fun for a good few times. And once he has had enough I can always glue the pieces together and frame it up. This is such an old school thing to do, but it would look great on his bedroom wall :D And I am old so I don't care :D

3.Character toys. I got him the avengers toys from TheToyshop.com penny sale.(seen on the first picture) So I actually only paid £20 for all four (Hulk, Captain America, Ironman, Thor). He is really into the superheroes lately and loves playing rescuing his other toys and coming up with the wildest scenarios that we can't keep up with, so I can't wait to see his little face lit up when he opens these. At the moment he is playing with the figures he got from the surprise eggs :D
If you are a mother of a girl...then I'm a bit lost here, because I have no idea what girls are into these days :D
But because this is the only gift that is gender related (I know it shouldn't be, and if your little girl is into super heroes than more power to them, because I think that toys shouldn't be for boys and girls) then I'm sure you can just take character toy part and run with it.

I really hope this post was useful in some way. Because I am quite proud I was able to find gifts that will hopefully  last a bit longer than just the exciting day itself.
What was your most memorable gift when you were a child?? Let me know in the comments. Mine was a set of Thumbelina characters I got ...it wasn't for Christmas but I just remember it so well and I am pretty sure I still have them somewhere in my parents house :D

Stay tuned Everyone :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Braided Hair

Hello, Everyone :)
Due to the lack of inspiration I find myself in today I've decided to do a simple and pretty braided up do post here on WhiteCrispShirt. I braid my own hair all the time because it's just such a simple way to get yourself looking acceptable to the world even after three days after the wash :D This happens to me a lot. I have a quick shower without the hair wash during Oscars nap time during the week and I also go to the gym around 3 times, so I find there is really no point washing my hair every day...or every other day even :D So I have come up with this easy braided hair do for those middle of the wash days when I still want to feel pretty and cool :D

Just a little zoom of the picture to show off the lashes. These are the EYECANDY lashes 018 and I love them. I love them....I love them a lot :D
First look is the all over braid, where I under braided my hair 4 times and then just used hair clips to twist them around the head in an orderly manor :D not really. That is what I like about braids. They are bohemian style so a little mess in forgivable.
The second look is my favorite go to look I create for those nights at work when it's not quite time for a wash yet, but they are just not as fresh to just leave them. I did wash my hair yesterday and I always have my hair braided when I sleep, so the curls are a result of that. I usually would just use my straighteners to quickly add some curls and volume :)

Hope you enjoyed these two easy braided looks....sorry about the closed eyes....I just love how the lashes look :D:D:D
As always stay tuned

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Summer Leather 2 Ways

Hello, Everybody :)
So lately I have been binging on ''Pretty Little Liars'' (I'm new on this train. I started on the 6th season and now planning to backwatch the first 5 seasons :D) and thinking about summer in England...which I mostly find feels more like autumn everywhere else with a few sunny days. So considering this weather madness here I have come up with two outfits for English summer, both of which include my very recent faux leather jacket from Primark, which was only £14 pounds....madness..just like this summer weather here. And also my trusty black boots from RiverIsland...so here they are two ways to wear your leather jacket during summer in England :)

I'm totally having this photoshoot in my bedroom because outside it's thunder and lightning, which will also explain the bad lighting...there is no light :D
First look is just really simple summer dress paired with black leather and tan accessories. I've gone for the OASIS wide brim hat and PRIMARK tassle bag. The belt is from ASOS? And the actual dress itself is a bargain find from TK MAX :) 
I'd wear this out for some casual drinks, dinner, shopping. Just a really versatile look for your everyday goings I think :)

Second look is I think a bit more edgier only because the colors are complete opposite. Here I've gone for the light blue girlfriend fit jean shorts from FOREVER21 (£16) and a simple white sweater from RESERVED. This look I'd wear for some evening drinks (notice how I would wear my clothes for drinks...a lot :D )For a daytime look I'd actually skip the jacket because despite the rain it is quite warm during day time, and swap the leather boots for some flatform tennis shoes :) 

Hope you enjoyed the post
As always, Stay tuned